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Ötztal cycle marathon

238 kilometres, four Alpine passes, three different climatic zones and 5500 metres altitude. Participants in the Ötztal Cycle Marathon take themselves to their limits.

4000 ambitious leisure-oriented riders from across the globe take part in the Ötztal Cycle Marathon in Sölden every year. They head to the start and give it their all. Due to the different climatic areas, at the end of August any kind of weather has to be reckoned on, from snow to warm southern temperatures.

Top sporting performancces

The challenging route proceeds over the Kühtai, Brenner, Jaufenpaß and Timmelsjoch Alpine passes and each participant pushes top performances within a few hours. The Ötztal Cycle Marathon has been held since 1982 and is regarded as an extremely difficult event. In spite of this each year tens of thousands apply for one of the 4000 starting spots, that are decided upon by a draw.

The Ötztal Cycle marathon in Sölden has since become one of the most important events and you could just not imagine the cycle scene without it. This year it takes place on 1st September – a key date for anyone who wants to make progress when it comes to cycling. After all, for many riders, taking part in the Ötztal Cycle Marathon is a very special goal.

The challenging route goes via the Kühtai, Brenner, Jaufenpaß and Timmelsjoch Alpine passes and within just a few hours will push every participant to their limits.


From Monday, 20 December, the 2G+ proof (vaccinated or recovered and additionally PCR-tested) applies to entrants from all states. The booster vaccination exempts from the PCR test obligation.

Entrants without a negative PCR test or booster vaccination are subject to compulsory registration (pre-travel clearance) and must be placed in home quarantine (for guests this is the accommodation) until a negative PCR test result is presented.

These regulations do not apply to children under 12 years of age. They do not need a mandatory PCR test or registration.

Locally, the 2-G proof for the use of hotels, restaurants, mountain railways still applies for persons 12 years and older.

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