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Sleep has mutated into a magical concept in our fast-paced, busy world. Relax and unwind in our recently refurbished rooms and suites.

Colours that are relaxing and that soothe your soul, teamed with soft materials and sophisticated solid wood don't just help you dream about relaxing regeneration, but whisk you off into a realm of regerenaruon and energy-packed deep sleep.



From Monday, 20 December, the 2G+ proof (vaccinated or recovered and additionally PCR-tested) applies to entrants from all states. The booster vaccination exempts from the PCR test obligation.

Entrants without a negative PCR test or booster vaccination are subject to compulsory registration (pre-travel clearance) and must be placed in home quarantine (for guests this is the accommodation) until a negative PCR test result is presented.

These regulations do not apply to children under 12 years of age. They do not need a mandatory PCR test or registration.

Locally, the 2-G proof for the use of hotels, restaurants, mountain railways still applies for persons 12 years and older.

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