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Glacier trail run in Ötztal

Trail running starts where other running routes end. Away from the roads and tarmac routes. And far-removed standard jogging routes. More than cross-country. And more challenging than 'straight forward'.

By trail running what we mean is a fascination and desire for running; re-interpreted. Trail running is trendy, smart and in keeping with the times. After all, as with other things in life, it is about forging your own paths and making new tracks. In Ötztal there are alreday lots of different, variety-packed trails of varying difficulty levels that proceed across gravel, pastureland and woodlands – awlays accompanied by the impressive mountain backdrop of the surrounding summits.

Trails & Tours

Ötztal offers beginners, those at an advanced level and experts alike with the best conditions and flowing trails!

Ötztal is one of the leading regions for keen trail runners. Variety-packed routes and exciting sections are there to be explored, investigated and scaled. To get an initial overview of the options available in the Ötztal region, we have compiled some of the loveliest trail running routes here. Passing mountain lakes, streams and waterfalls, heading over mountain summits and ridges – all this makes running a uniquely inspirational experience in the breath-taking backdrop of Ötztal. Need a new trail running challenge? Then just take up this challenge and get going!

Trail running event: Glacier trail run

The annual super trail run in the Ötztal. For all those who see trail running as a challenge and want to compete, fight and meet other enthusiastic trail runners, the Gletscherrun is a summer "must". Technically demanding trails between 2,000 and 3,000 m have to be conquered. As an add-on, there are numerous Ötztal glaciers up close.

We are already looking forward to the "Glacier Trail Run 2023"!

Day 1 Top Mountain Run: 6.3 km, 750 hm+
Day 2    
Glacier Trail: 62 km, 3600 hm+

Glacier Trail: 42 km, 2800 hm+

Gleschter Trail: 26 km, 1900 hm+

Glacier Trail: 14km, 800 hm+

WIDI Trailrun: Bambini: 200m | Children I & II: 400m | Pupils I & II: 600m | Youth: 1.500m

More details on the offzizellen Ötztal trailrunning page.

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