Take a deep breath and relax


In our spa you'll leave your everyday worries behind. Just let go of all the stress and focus on nothing but rest and relaxation. Body and mind will be cleansed and you'll feel like a human being again!

Let your mind wander enter into a state of special deep relaxation. The spacious sauna and quiet relaxation room provide the perfect setting for leaving all your cares behind and simply enjoying life.

Wellness in Hotel Wiesental

Apart from the Finnish sauna, our guests can choose between detoxifying herbal bath and the deep cleansing steam bath. Follow this with a tropical shower to awaken the senses! Relax in our whirlpool, followed by a rest in the spacious relaxation area. Various scents of Swiss pine, alpine herbs, flowers and essential oils give relief to the mind.

In the spa of Hotel Wiesental you'll experience contrast of hot and cold, refreshment and relaxation – thus reviving and strengthening your body!

23.12.2017 to 30.12.2017: Christmas, far away from the hustle and bustle!

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