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Site notice

Scheiber Hotel Wiesental KG

Piccardweg 16
A-6456 Obergurgl

Phone: +43 5256/6263
Fax: +43 5256/63583

Responsible for the contents: Manfred Scheiber
Commercial Register Number: 253778d
Company Accounts Registrar: LG Innsbruck
Authority according to ECG (E-Commerce Act): District Commission Imst
Member of: Tirol Economic Chamber, Trade Section Hotel Industry
Ust-ID: ATU 32863407

Photos: Archive Hotel Wiesental, Photo Ritschel, TVB Obergurgl, Foto Felder

05.01.2019 - 26.01.2019 Enjoy the calm after the festive period!

  • Datum 18.09.2019
    Wetterlage heiter
    Temperatur 17°C
  • Datum 19.09.2019
    Wetterlage heiter
    Temperatur 16°C
  • Datum 20.09.2019
    Wetterlage wolkig
    Temperatur 13°C
  • Datum 21.09.2019
    Wetterlage heiter
    Temperatur 15°C